Education Enrichment Program

Registration for Winter 2020 is now open for PTA Gold Members.  Registration for everyone opens on January 24.  Contact Beth Gillespie at to inquire about availability in clubs.


PTA Gold Members will have the ability to register for EEPs in advance of other parents.   For more information on becoming a Gold Member, please visit our Invest in Your Child page.


For all programs, you are required to submit the PTA Contact Information and Contract Form in order for your child to be eligible to participate. Your registration to any EEP, including those from outside vendors, is not considered complete unless you have submitted this form.  


 * Due to a new county-wide policy, a designated Unit 1/2 Teacher must be on school grounds during EEP clubs and will be compensated for hours worked outside of regular work hours, therefore a $10 surcharge will be added to each club cost.


Needs-based scholarships may be available but are not guaranteed. Scholarships are limited to one class per child per school year. Please fill out the Scholarship Request Form and submit requests for scholarships to Beth Gillespie, along with PTA registration forms, for the SPES Principal’s approval. All requests are held in the strictest confidence. We will notify you as soon as possible of receipt of your request to let you know if your scholarship has been granted. For questions regarding the scholarship approval process, contact Beth Gillespie at



New to SPES?

Is your family new to Severna Park Elementary School?  Reach out to the Welcome Committee at to learn more about the school and PTA.

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