surviving at home during covid-19

Wondering what to do while school is closed?  The PTA urges you to follow state recommendations and please limit contact with others in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Canceling playdates can be difficult, so we've compiled some recommendations to keep your household sane while everyone is stuck at home.


Ways to help:

In response to AACPS closing at the direction of the State Superintendent, the Caring Cupboard will be providing food to families in need. Please donate to help children in our area that rely on school lunches to continue to receive food. The Caring Cupboard will make arrangements for delivery if necessary. Email them at if you need assistance.  


Learning Resources:
Suggested Ideas: 
- do Puzzles or make your own puzzles
-Paint with a paintbrush and other items in the house.... sponge, Qtip, toothpick, bottle caps, finger tips..... no paint lying around? Problem solve & Substitute with other paint mediums in your house:  ketchup, mustard, chocolate powder, peanut butter, or other colors (all in very small quantities....some lipsticks or nail polish that is not frequently used?)    
-illustrate some songs you enjoy and make a song picture book.  This can become a gift or a treasure to keep.
- make your own ice cream....every day
- Write your own stories with chapters
- Learn to finger knit or knit with needles (fine motor skill development for the future surgeons and dentists) 
- Write a family mission statement.  Include some suggested rules for your parents and caregivers to follow (for the future leaders and policy makers).
- Weave a basket from old needed: newspaper, magazines or any other used paper ..... you are smart enough to figure out how to do this without "youtube". It's your own creation.  
- Build furniture or structures with sticks in the woods if you are lucky enough to have close access to nature!  Take advantage of playing among the trees and observe the mystery of spring appear.....   
- design architecture and engineering projects with the plastic, cardboard and metal in your recycling bin.  What can you build? 
-Go on a listening walk....this is a walk anywhere (perhaps NOT to a crowded place under the circumstances) minimize talking and pay extra attention to what sounds you hear.  Discuss or write in a journal about what the experience is like 
-make bread from scratch....into any creative shape.
- write a thank you note to your teachers 
- make care packages and thank you notes for the mail carrier and the sanitation workers who pick up your trash and recycling every week.  If you can,  wait until they arrive and give thank you note directly to them.  Share your beautiful smile and make them feel extra appreciated for their hard work.   
- after eating an apple, plant an apple seed in any cup and watch it grow into a seedling.    Plant it in a glass cup or upcycled a glass (or see through plastic) jar and plant multiple seeds along the edge of jar and watch roots grow through the glass/plastic. Give the tree a name.  Journal or sketch every day what you see need to take a picture just use a pencil or crayon.   Find different seeds to plant next  to each other to compare 
- learn to play chess....if you don't have a chess board make one with paper or cardboard and use items of pebbles, bottle caps, corks and other small objects for the different pieces.  This develops very good critical thinking and decision skills....and creativity if you make your own chess board.  Children as young as 3, 4 and 5 can start learning chess....and there are no upper age limits! 
-see how long you can go screen free.... 1 day, 5 days, 14 days?  Make a silly competition with your friends or family who can be on their device the least amount of time...similar to the biggest loser diet competitions.  Whoever is "on" the least amount of time on a device wins something.  Do it in teams to help each other stay "off" and win.  
-Pick up trash and make a STEP club (save the environment project) clean up trash points each time you pick up trash from sidewalks or in the woods.
- make an artistic collage from the colourful paper and plastic food wrappers that cannot be recycled. If you don't have paper at home use newspaper or something sturdy like an empty peanut butter jar to glue the collage pieces onto.....and voila there is a new flower vase or pencil holder with a beautiful mosaic.  You can probably sell it.  Make and Market an entire collection of office and school or kitchen supply holders from upcycled art . 


Teachers, contact Jane if you have suggestions to add to this list.



Outdoor Classroom

The PTA anticipated raising money at the Adult Social and Spring Fair to be used towards completion of the Outdoor Classroom.  Since the Adult Social is cancelled and the Spring Fair will potentially be cancelled, please consider making a direct donation to the Outdoor Classroom.

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